50cc capable of 100 km/h

Scooters coming in from Taiwan are 50cc 2-stroke, 50cc 4-stroke, 125/150cc 4-stroke and 15 years or older.

They come in these flavors:

-Stock Refurbished (looks and operates as new)
-Modified Stage I (high-flow intake and exhaust)
-Modified Stage II (high-flow intake, exhaust, cam, high power CDI ignition)
-Modified Stage III (stage II + big-bore piston kit, high performance drivetrain)
-Modified Race (off-road only) (stage III + race carb and cylinder head with big valves and more)

50cc 2 and 4-stoke scooters achieve 60 km/h pretty quickly.
125cc scooters with a stock engine reach 90 km/h comfortably.
125cc (near 200cc at this point) modified scooters can reach 140 km/h reliably and up to 180 km/h with heavy modifications.

It makes most sense to get a few people together to split the cost of shipping. Just check to see if I have anything in stock. If not it could take 3 months to receive your scooter.

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